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After much deliberation, consternation, and clearing up a few misunderstandings, I decided to attend the writing conference in Italy that I wrote about back in April. (It turned out there were rooms still available at the hotel where the workshop is being held, and there will be group transportation from Rome to Recanati, so I can stop worrying about pitching a tent on a hillside or ending up in Sicily.) 

I've taken on a lot of additional freelance work to avoid having to start a GoFundMe campaign (but thank you, Rose, for supporting that idea!), which is why it's taken me a while to write this post.

Plus, maybe it's that notorious old spoilsport known as "mom guilt," but it feels wildly self-indulgent to leave the country during the summer and jet off in an attempt to recapture the kind of creativity that goes beyond trying a new taco recipe. 

When I tell people I'm going, I hear that imaginary record scratch, like, "Wait, really? Alone?"…

Is It Time to Hit the Restart Button On Your Career?

As I mentioned in my last post, sometimes you can meet some real losers through the Internet. (I'm sure this comes as no revelation to anyone who's tried online dating.) But, on the flip side, every once in a while an interesting opportunity arrives in your inbox via cyberspace.
A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the assistant to Kristin Hiemstra, M.Ed, ELI-MP, founder and president of The Art of Potential, about participating in an upcoming Career Seekers Summit she's hosting.
Much like when Elise Runde Voss, chief executive officer of UpScored called me a "thought leader" and asked me to write about the game-changing career platform she'd developed, I once again experienced a looking-over-each-shoulder "Who, me?" moment. 
Of course, I enjoy writing career features for The Muse and hope that some of the hard-won wisdom I've acquired after losing two jobs within four years helps others. Yet, especially after pondering that "losing two jobs wi…